Brainspotting is extremely effective at accessing parts of the brain that are traumatized by many unintended experiences, like that of adoption. Pre-verbal traumas (T and t) are able to be processed, healed and released with Brainspotting. Most attachment breach clients don’t have a conscious thought or memory of these events, yet the management of such events is coloring their life experiences in complicated and frustrating ways.

About 2.4% of the population is adopted, yet 35+% of attendees of drug rehabilitation programs are adopted. The trauma of attachment breaches and separation, even with fantastic care and safety and outcome, still bring practices of coping with it.

As with everything, there is a spectrum from the most loving/caring/careful of intentions to the most dissociated/harmful and catastrophic separations. We use Brainspotting to aide clients in finding these unintegrated “trauma capsules”, non-verbal capsules, and process in the frame of deep dual-attunement to facilitate integration and healing.

Attachment breaches can come from unintended events like birth trauma, for either or both the mother or infant; from a mother falling into postpartum; a family experiencing troubled times such as financial stressors, death/loss, relocation, environmental catastrophe; as well as more obvious disruptions like addiction or unchecked mental illness or domestic violence in the home (again, there is a spectrum to everything).

As an adoptee myself, I found Brainspotting to reach and resolve bits of my own attachment breach to the point of it no longer affecting me in any way. The thoughts or words that used to bring a pain to my heart or quick tear to my eye no longer do so. There is calm and clarity where there was once complicated navigation.