Brainspotting provides a powerful ability to move athletes through blocks and tap into the brain’s ability to heal and create new connections. The athletic or creative brain is supremely attuned to the body, the speed and deep connection between brain and body is innate and more developed in these clients than in others.

When working to enhance athletic or creative performance, we are focusing very intently on specific details and areas of work. We always recommend 3 sessions for this type of work. In the first session we get into the blocks that are bringing distress, in the second we hone what was started in the first session. We then plan a third session a bit further out to see what else, if anything, may still need to be addressed.

I have seen quite remarkable results in these very few sessions for every athlete, executive professional and creative professional that has engaged in Brainspotting with me.

David Grand and Brainspotting are featured in ESPN’s “30 for 30 Shorts” video series, Fields of Fear episode.


David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, has co-authored a book on the topic: This is Your Brain on Sports: Beating Blocks, Slumps and Performance Anxiety for Good! It’s available on Amazon in print and via Kindle.