Brainspotting™ is a powerful and brief form of therapy. Typically, clients come in for a minimum of 2 sessions after which time we assess and determine if more are necessary. Sometimes we have as many as 8 or more, but typically it is a 2-4 session process.

Due to the brief nature of the work and length of session time, sessions are not typically covered by insurance and are billed at $250 for 1½ hours, $350 for 2 hours. Because we are able to focus your brain on healing itself, we are able to move you through the process and back into your life very rapidly. Fees are self-pay or you can use an HSA/FSA.

And because healing needs to be available for all income ranges, I also accept CT Medicaid (Husky), NH Medicaid, Cenpatico/NH Healthy Families, Beacon Value Options (in NH), and VT Medicaid.